Sunday, 27 January 2013

Tracking down your sent e-mails

Hi Folks,

Most  of the times,
You may receive a response from your friends/colleagues that,
    'Hey, Just now I saw your mail'.

Are you sure about that they're telling the truth to you?????

Any Guess??

Hmm,why can't we track down the mails which we send.
So, that we may know when they opened our mail 

Sounds good right???

So, How can we do that 

Hum, I have something what you're going to need.

Today, I'm going to tell you about a service(Free) to track down your mails.

Step 1: Compose your mail as you do always.

Step 2: Go to
    Step 2.1: give your email address to which you want the tracking mail to be sent
    Step 2.2: Give the email message you want to track a unique title such as the recipient's name
                and your message subject (e.g. "To Mr. Christa Bear: Let's have lunch!")
                so you later can identify it from the notifications you'll receive
    Step 2.3: Select a SpyPig Image or your own(You need to signup & login)
    Step 2.4: Generate your SpyPig by clicking the "click to create my spypig"
    Step 2.5: Copy and paste your spypig image to your mail body before the activation timer runs out to 0(from 60).
    Step 2.6: Send your mail.

Step 3: Check your spam folders also for notification mails (Since, mostly the mails containing the word spy were
        redirected to spam ).
That's it.
Now they can't lie to you
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