Friday, 11 January 2013

Acquiring sudo permission inside vi/vim editor

The most common mistake we do while having sudo access to a Linux system is,
We open a file normally using vi/vim
E.g.      vim file.txt
And edit the file and while saving you get an error saying file opened in read only mode. So you will go back and open the file with sudo permission
E.g.      sudo vim file.txt
Then edit the file again and save it.

No more need for this:-D
While saving the file using “ :w , :wq , or :x “
Use the following command to write the file even if you opened the file as a normal user (without providing sudo).
:w !sudo tee % , or
:wq !sudo tee % , or
:x !sudo tee %

Now you have saved the file.
Follow the video tutorial for reference(Credits to Sudesh Kumar).

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